2011 Campaign for Raises, Healthcare, and Good Jobs!

On Saturday, October 2, 2010 union members from across Tennessee met in Nashville to plan our campaign for the coming year.  Out of this day long meeting the following priorities were outlined:

1. Responding to the new state insurance plan, with its skyrocketing prices and benefit cuts.

2. Living wages for all higher education employees and a long-overdue equal-dollar pay raise.

3. Protecting jobs, programs and state funding as the stimulus ends.

4. Obtaining due-process rights already provided to other state employees, including a consistent grievance policy and procedure.

On November 2 Tennessee voters elected a new governor and a new General Assembly. 

These elected officials must hear from us about how we the economic crisis is adversely affecting our families and quality of life. 

Some economic conditions are slowly improving in Tennessee.  In fact, for the first quarter of this fiscal year sales tax collections outpaced projections by $46 million, the highest since 2007!  As these trends continue, we cannot allow the excuse of a "bad economy" to be used to keep hard working higher education employees down.  There will be no "economic recovery" until working class Tennesseans see improvements in their economic condition.

If you are already a union member, get involved by attending your local area meeting and helping in our lobbying efforts- sign up HERE to get involved!    If you haven’t joined UCW, now is the best time to take action on your own behalf to better your condition.  As individuals change is hard to achieve, and nearly impossible with the obstacles we face.  Only by coming together can we look out for ourselves and our communities.  Click HERE to join your Union!