UCW Lobby Day & Rally Tuesday, March 8th! RSVP today!
UCW Lobby Day & Rally Tuesday, March 8th! RSVP today!

2016 United Campus Workers Legislative Priorities, 109th General Assembly

Coming to UCW's 2016 Lobby Day & Rally? RSVP here!

Don't know who your elected officials are? Find them here. Enter your address to find your State Legislators (State Senator and Representative), who we are visiting on March 8.

Our state’s public colleges, universities, and higher education institutions are at the heart of our economy, and campus employees—from professors and lecturers, secretaries and custodians, to researchers and counselors, librarians and technicians—are at the forefront of delivering quality education and essential services to Tennesseans from all walks of life. Our working conditions are our state’s learning conditions. 

Here is a breakdown of United Campus Workers' priority bills:


Tennessee is NOT for Sale! What We’ve Done to Fight Governor Haslam's Outsourcing Plan

Since first learning of the previously secret push by Gov. Bill Haslam's administration to outsource the facilities maintenance, management, and security of every piece of state-owned real estate in Tennessee, United Campus Workers - CWA members, leaders, organizers, volunteers and our numerous allies have tirelessly worked to stop these efforts in their tracks. Below is a partial list of actions UCW-CWA has taken over this semester:

August 17: UCW issues Press Release, "State Workers Scrutinize, Worry About Haslam’s Newest Privatization Scheme"

August 18-20: Every regional paper of record across Tennessee learns of the news from United Campus Workers and begins reporting on it

August 31: 1st State-Wide Membership "Town Hall Call" with many hundreds of higher education employees logging in to learn more

September 3: Public Demonstration at UTK with rallies at Cumberland Ave. Pilot Gas Station & UT Knoxville School of Law Building

What are YOU doing to halt Governor Haslam's statewide outsourcing scheme?

United Campus Workers wants to inform you and get your voice heard. In Memphis, in Van Buren County, and all over the state, we stand united to stop Governor Haslam's efforts to outsource. Will you take advantage of one of these upcoming opportunities? Do you have ideas or thoughts you want to share? Have petitions? Get them to us! We will be taking them to Nashville on Friday, October 30! And GET ON THE BUS to deliver them!

October 26-31: #TNisNOTforSALE Statewide Week of Action

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UT Employees Take to the Street Against Haslam’s Outsourcing Scheme

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September 2, 2015

UT Employees Take to the Street Against Haslam’s Outsourcing Scheme

University of Tennessee, Knoxville—Three weeks after discovering Governor Bill Haslam’s secret and controversial scheme to privatize an unprecedented—and unspecified—number of jobs by outsourcing all building maintenance and management in state-owned buildings, public employees threatened by the plan and their allies are continuing to speak out against it. On Thursday, September 3 from 4-6pm, University of Tennessee employees and others will demonstrate along Cumberland Ave. in Knoxville to draw attention to the potential massive cutbacks and job losses that often result from outsourcing. The employees will gather in front of the UT Law School at Cumberland and James Agee, as well as at the Pilot gas station at Cumberland and Volunteer.

Media Release: State Workers Oppose Haslam Outsourcing Scheme

IB ImageState Workers Scrutinize, Worry About Haslam’s Newest Privatization Scheme Nashville—Just two years after embroiling itself in a multi-million dollar privatization scandal with property management corporation Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), the Haslam Administration has unveiled a new initiative to privatize all state building management services. On Monday, the Governor’s office issued a Request for Information (RFI) for the “purpose of identifying vendors with the capacity and experience to provide outsourced facilities management services to the state.” The dizzying scope of the RFI threatens to affect public services and tens of thousands of jobs across every county in Tennessee.

UCW's Knoxville Back to School Cookout!

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TUESDAY, MARCH 17: UCW LOBBY DAY! Nashville Needs To Hear From All of Us!

Nashville needs to hear from all of us. Our legislators and Bill Haslam need to hear from you! Join us March 17 for our union's annual Lobby Day:

Buses leaving from Memphis and Knoxville, Knoxville bus stopping in Cookeville.

Don't know who your elected officials are? Find them here. Scroll down for your State Legislators (State Senator and Representative), who we are visiting on March 17.

UCW Priority Bills:

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PRESS RELEASE: Haslam's State of the State Address Moves Full Speed Ahead to Leave Many In the Dust


Haslam's State of the State Address Moves Full Speed Ahead to Leave Many In the Dust


February 12, 2015

KNOXVILLE - Monday’s State of the State address by Governor Bill Haslam touted his administration’s first term and expressed optimism for its second, but many Tennesseans have an alternative take on the state under the billionaire’s leadership. Members of United Campus Workers, Tennessee’s public higher education union, have concerns about the implications of the governor's plans for higher education and the working people of Tennessee.

Legislative Update: Hands Off Our Earned Benefits! Our Voice, March 17th!

Your voice is more important than ever. Though the Governor's State of the State Address included some funding for higher education, it also included many cuts, including to one of state employees' most long-standing, relied upon benefits: longevity pay. It is so essential to have our union. Media reports and some misleading emails have led to great concern from higher education employees that our longevity pay is also slated to be cut, and UCW has spent the last two days making phonecalls, emails, and reading line by line through the budget document to get to the bottom of this. NOTICE: BASED ON THE CURRENT BUDGET PROPOSAL, THIS ATTACK ON LONGEVITY PAY DOES NOT CURRENTLY INCLUDE HIGHER EDUCATION EMPLOYEES, at least not right now.

Regardless of whether the proposal includes higher education employees, United Campus Workers - CWA opposes all schemes to cut workers' earned benefits and grow the income gap between top paid administrators and the rest of us. And that is exactly what the governor's longevity proposal would do: steal an essential benefit, claim the cuts are "pay increases," and dole these dollars out as percentages that most benefit six-figure salaries.

PRESS STATEMENT: Campus Workers Applaud Focus on Higher Education, Say: Just Fund It

January 8, 2015

KNOXVILLE - United Campus Workers-Communications Workers of America Local 3865, Tennessee's public higher education union, welcomes President Obama and Vice President Biden's upcoming visit to East Tennessee, and applauds their support for higher education. Every year, we demonstrate to Governor Haslam and the General Assembly that higher education institutions are key economic drivers, and campus employees - from professors and adjuncts, secretaries and custodians, to researchers and counselors - are at the forefront of delivering quality education and essential services to Tennesseans.