Take Action for Living Wages and Fair Raises!

Take Action for Living Wages and Fair Raises!

Governor Haslam is in the final stages of preparing his budget for next year, which he will release to the Tennessee General Assembly in late January or early February.

Now is the time for you to let your voice be heard!

Wednesday, Nov. 14: University of Memphis Living Wage!

Join an open meeting and information session on issues of economic justice in academia. Find out why tuition and fees keep going up while adjunct pay and graduate stipends stagnate. Hear testimonials by adjuncts, custodians, graduate students. Find out what you can do to bring justice to your campus. The event takes place November 14 from 1:00pm until 2:30pm in Art and Communications Building 250.

Tuesday, Oct. 16: Community Forum on Domestic Partner Benefits at UT

You're invited to a community forum & mass meeting to discuss domestic partner benefits at UT and in higher education. This meeting is geared toward finding a way forward (in conversation and action) to make this university a more equitable, just and non-discriminating institution. While the administration has dismissed the unanimous Faculty Senate resolution calling for partner benefits and the community's demand for justice and fairness, we want to come together to think of a way forward. UT has a long history of trying to keep the bottom line as low as it can on the backs of its workers, and us workers have a long history of fighting back!

Tuesday, October 16th at 5:30pm
12th Floor Conference Room in McClung Tower in Humanities Plaza
UT Campus
Download flyer here

Governor Haslam: Campus workers need a living wage!

Take action now for a living wage in 2013!

At this year's statewide convention, UCW members took their first action toward a living wage in 2013 for campus workers by writing their comments and signing a letter to Governor Haslam.  If you missed convention, you still have the opportunity to check out what happened, and to send your letter electronically by clicking on the above link.

2012 convention moves UCW forward!

Over 50 of us gave up a Saturday on September 8th to go to Nashville and shape the direction and vision of our union. We shared stories, attended workshops, and planned for the months and year ahead. We talked about the need for pay raises that benefit those that make the least, and prioritized efforts to win living wages, address dismal pay and working conditions of adjuncts, and secure additional funding for our higher education institutions and the staff and faculty that make them work with "Fair Raises for Everyone!"

TTU Cookout!
TTU Cookout!

TTU Faculty & Staff Appreciation Cookout!

Want a chance to meet with your fellow union members over lunch during the week? Want to talk with your campus neighbors about what's important to them?

2012 Statewide Convention: Spread the word!

Want to help spread the word about the 2012 Statewide Convention? Download a flyer here and post it where others can see. And don't forget to RSVP today!

Letter to the editor concerning Gov. Haslam's post-secondary education review

United Campus Workers - CWA Local 3865, Tennessee's higher education union released the following letter on Tuesday, August 7, 2012. The letter has been distributed to newspapers across the state and coincided with the fourth of Gov. Haslam's open review sessions on post-secondary education in Tennessee (formerly described as "higher education roundtables"). 

Press Release: Governor's higher ed conference excludes higher ed constituents

Monday, July 9, 2012

Days after the University of Tennessee system’s Board of Trustees and the Tennessee Board of Regents raised tuition and fees for their respective campuses, and following Governor Bill Haslam’s announcement of a conference on the future of higher education to be held this Tuesday, United Campus Workers-Communications Workers of America local 3865 has issued a call to Haslam to include staff, faculty, and students from the campuses in the dialogue. While invitees include politicians and even representatives of the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce, the Governor’s office left out invitations to those people who are at the heart of the state’s higher education system: its faculty, staff, and students.

“We’re confused and disheartened by the Governor’s choice to privilege business interests over the interests of the people who are most directly involved in the higher education system,” said Tom Anderson, President of UCW-CWA and staff at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. “We want to be at the table because we think we’re in the best position to see what’s working—and maybe more importantly what isn’t working. Any solution is going toinvolve all of us, so why aren’t all of us being asked to participate in this conversation?”