Survey of TN Adjunct & Contingent Working Conditions

UCW launches survey of Tennessee adjunct and contingent working conditions.

Sign a postcard today!
Sign a postcard today!

Pay raise update!

Pushes for flat dollar raises, living wages and equal pay for equal work in higher education are ramping up. But only with your involvement!

I Support Flat Dollar Raises!
I Support Flat Dollar Raises!

Do you support flat dollar raises for campus workers?

STAND UP FOR FAIRNESS FOR CAMPUS WORKERS! We need flat dollar raises and equal pay for equal work, not percentage raises that benefit the people who already make the most. The new state budget includes a 2.5% raise for all higher education workers, allocating millions of community tax dollars to giving raises to the highest paid among us. Join us in calling for a fair distribution. Flat dollar raises are fair raises!

Would you distribute POSTCARDS to your coworkers that let President Joe DiPietro and Chancellor John Morgan know you support flat dollar raises? Contact Ash, Tom, or Cassie today!




General Assembly Passes Budget, Pay Raise

Lawmakers in the General Assembly passed our state budget yesterday which included a 2.5% pay raise for all state workers. Now the budget heads to the Governor's desk for him to sign or veto. At this point in time, the two system heads, Dr. Joe DiPietro, President of the University of Tennessee and Chancellor John Morgan of the Tennessee Board of Regents, need to hear from you: This raise needs to be distributed as an equal dollar raise in order to benefit those who need it the most.

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Contingent and Adjunct Caucus blog is launched

As part of the ongoing efforts of UCW's organizing with contingent and adjunct faculty we are pleased to share the creating of "Higher-Ed Hand Tennessee." This blog will be a clearing house for news, commentary and resources to aid non-tenure track faculty at public higher education institutions in Tennessee. Exciting projects are coming soon; follow our blog on Tumblr today!

​Higher-Ed Hand Tennessee

Pray for TTU | Interfaith Witness | One Tech Family | Fairness for All

Pray for TTU: Monday, February 13, 5pmCT at the Tennessee Tech Quad
Interfaith Witness | One Tech Family | Fairness for All

Tennessee Tech Moves to Outsource Custodial Services, Balancing Budget with 80 Workers’ Lives

January 20, 2012

On Wednesday, January 18, Tennessee Tech custodians were called to a meeting and told to bring their keys. Jack Butler, Associate VP for Facilities and Business Services, told custodians that Tech has moved to outsource their jobs to contractor SSC Service Solutions, a company of the $9.9 billion food and support services multinational corporation Compass Group North America, based in the United Kingdom despite its name. Many custodians face choosing a severance package of which they don’t know the details or to work for Service Solutions, who will in all likelihood offer slashed wages and little to no benefits. “We’re being kicked to the curb, and I won’t work on a chain gang,” said one custodian about Butler and Service Solutions’ plan to have roving teams of custodians who never get settled in one building. However, the outsourcing is not yet finalized. The decision must still pass through President Bob Bell and the Tennessee Board of Regents/TBR and the Chancellor, and supposedly may take until May to be finalized, according to Butler. Conveniently, President Bell is currently reported to be vacationing in Hawaii.