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Layoffs at the UTHSC

Layoffs began at the UT Health Science Center (UTHSC) in Memphis last Wednesday, August 11, 2010.  The UTHSC has chosen not to use stimulus funds to save jobs and has instead chosen this very negative path.

Check out union leader Michelle Burrell, who is one of the terminated employees, speak out about this injustice and what UCW's demands are for rectification in the following video.  Additionally, below the video is a letter sent from the union to UT President Jan Simek and UTHSC Chancellor Steve Schwab.

UT Martin Rescinds Illegal Anti-union Work Rules After UCW Complaint

An email sent Wednesday, February 17, 2010 titled “Urgent That You Use Current UT Personnel Policies” from Vice Chancellor Al Hooten and Human Resources Director Phil Bright rescinded all printed personnel policies and work rules, and directed supervisors to only use those policies and procedures found on the UT website. Copies of the email are being distributed to all UTM Housing employees. This email comes a week after representatives from United Campus Workers – Communications Workers of America, Tennessee’s higher education union, which represents over 1,000 UT and TBR employees across the state, met with State Representative Mike Turner to discuss measures that would eliminate illegal anti-union work rules which had been distributed to employees in the UTM Department of Housing.

UCW-CWA's letter to Interim UT President
UCW-CWA's letter to Interim UT President

Update: Feb. 19 Rally for Jobs and Education

On February 19, 2010 hundreds of union members and students rallied for jobs and education, to prevent proposed budget cuts that will devastate public education and communities across Tennessee and to propose alternatives to these cuts from solutions to the state's revenue crisis to internal funding reallocation from top level administration back to classroom instruction and essential student and support services. UCW-CWA leaders with the support of district and international leaders from our parent union the Communications Workers of America delivered this letter to Interim UT President, Dr. Jan Simek. The rally and march drew broad print and television media coverage.

October Campaign Announcement!

Starting in the summer several dozen of UCW-CWA leaders have been meeting and strategizing on the union’s campaign 2009-2010 campaign. All across the state member lead processes brainstormed, refined and ultimately democratically agree to a set of 2010 Campaign Priorities.

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