There is a dynamic group of faculty and staff members growing the union at ETSU. They have waged a successful campaign to defeat custodial outsourcing, stood up about the need for a living wage and how far behind ETSU is in providing that, the need to remove the cap on adjunct pay and give them a real raise, the need for full-time faculty lines, and encouraging President Noland to opt out of the Governor's statewide facilities outsourcing contract (custodial, maintenance, and grounds), a contract in which he has gone on public record repeatedly saying that he is not interested in participating, for any current state employees. 

What's the issue that is most important to you? Here are some we hear frequently around the state: 

Living wages and raises
Stopping privatization
Health & safety on the job
Civil rights
Academic freedom
Student debt & affordable education
Equity & fairness
Union rights
Attacks on tenure
Protecting & expanding benefits
Our "Adjunct Anniversary Party" action in April 2017
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We are in the beginning stages of starting a living wage campaign at ETSU.  Click HERE to take our survey on this campaign. 


Announcing the creation of our chapter!

More news to follow soon!