Health and Safety

Workplace Safety

As an organization of public higher education workers the safety of our working conditions is a very important issue for UCW-CWA. Our union has successfully forced changes in work place environments around issues of air quality, unsafe equipment and unsafe job assignments. One of the benefits of union membership is being part of an organization that can stand with you when facing the daunting challenges of changing these conditions.

Rising Costs of Health Care

UCW-CWA Local 3865 has consistently focused on the rising costs of health care being one of the primary reasons a living wage is needed NOW. The state’s latest move to increase charges on workers who smoke by $50 a month is the latest example of these costs out of control. As part of the Public, Health Care and Education Workers division of CWA, we play a special role in educating the public about the needs for a just health care system. One of the most compelling indicators of a family’s or individual’s standard of living is their access to adequate health services. Sadly, America’s working people are seeing their health care costs rises as their real wages decline, remain stagnant, or barely keep up.

In a 2004 Employer Health Benefits Survey, the Kaiser Family Foundation reported that “between spring of 2003 and spring of 2004, premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance rose by 11.2%, lower than the 13.9% increase in 2003 [...] Since 2000, premiums for family coverage have increased by 59%, compared with inflation growth of 9.7% and wage growth of 12.3%.”

Please keep up with this important area of the labor movement’s work as it develops and becomes a fighting force for America’s working families.