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Hands Off Tenure!

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Tenure is Being Threatened

The University System of Georgia's (USG) Board of Regents (BoR)  recently developed new guidelines for post tenure review (PTR). These changes to indiviudal school's PTR process weaken the status of tenure with contradicting policies and rules that inherently hinder academic freedom. In response, The United Campus Workers of Georgia (UCWGA) developed a report listing suggestions for changes within the BoR's new policies. These suggestions prioritize valid measures of faculty members' achievements, because the policy changes recommmended by the BoR obfuscate the process. You can read the full report below for a streamlined view of how UCWGA wants to safeguard tenure at USG schools.


Why does this matter?

These guidelines set a dangerous precedent not only for Georgia institiutions, but for the academic liberties of all colleges and universities. Changes are already taking place at schools within the University System of Georgia,  but we can prevent the spread of weak tenure policies by staying informed and talking to our fellow workers. If we don't, topics such as Critical Race Theory and unionization can be shut down more easily by administrators. Also, a worker's tenure status is far more vulnerable under these changes. It's up to use to uphold, expand, and strenghthen job security at our institutions. Because when we fight together, we win together!