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UCW-AL Continues to Petition for Workers' Healthcare Rights

Adjunct professors and graduate workers at the University of Alabama are in desperate need of essential health insurance. These workers have been the school's backbone throughout the pandemic, and the Alabama Campus Workers are fighting for their safety. The union created a petition in support of more accessible healthcare. Click the link in the title to show your support!


UCW-VA Launches a New Podcast

Members of Virginia United Campus Workers are reaching out to their fellow workers in fantastically new ways! Their new podcast Talking Union aims to restructure workers' expectations of the workspace and discuss the value of wall-to-wall organizing. The first episode is already out, but stay tuned for brand new episodes that focus on returning agency and diginity to workers.


UCW-SC's First Lobby Day a Success

The United Campus Workers of South Carolina recently held their first Lobby Day. Joined by legislators, higher education workers, and community leaders, the union called on political and university leaders to increase the minimum wage to $15/hour. This move speaks to the union's larger mission of advocating for workers' rights to a dignified life and fair pay.

As prices for rent, gas, and food rise, having a union that supports fair wages is essential for all workers. Congratulations to UCW-SC for inspiring and standing up for your fellow workers!


UCW-GA Members Celebrate Removal of Special Institution Fee

Graduate workers at University System of Georgia (USG) schools will no longer have to pay an additional fee to work and study. This achievement comes after years of UCWGA members pressuring the USG to remove the Special Institution Fee (SIF).

The SIF was created in 2009 as an austerity measure to bolster the school against the 2008 recession. However, administrators continued to charge up to $450 to student's accounts long after the universities recovered finacially. Even during the pandemic, USG schools raked in historically high revenue.

Amazing work UCWGA! Your win is an inspiring model of what workers can achieve with unity and perserverance.